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Of course any time of year is a great opportunity to deep clean your home! But the warm weather spring and summer bring add some unique benefits that it pays to take advantage of—including for carpet cleaning in Tarboro, NC. The team of carpet cleaning professionals at Chem-Dry of Rocky Mount is the preferred healther, deeper carpet cleaner in Nash County & Edgecombe County, NC. We are sure to have an exceptional solution for how to best clean the carpets of your home or business in the area!

Harness the renewed energy and commitment to projects that often accompanies the warm weather, and tackle some of those deep cleaning projects around the home that often get pushed to the backburner. And don’t worry—Chem-Dry of Rocky Mount can help! 

Our goal is to make life a little easier, cleaner, and happier for you with services like carpet cleaning in Tarboro, NC. So in addition to our routine services, here are a few simple tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to deep cleaning each summer season. 


Carpet Cleaning And Other Summer Projects 

  • Give your couch a good cleaning from top to bottom. Take off the cushions and vacuum every nook and cranny. You can even wash the upholstery on your cushions and spot clean wherever else is needed. 
  • Regardless of if you have time to take on a deep cleaning project, it can go a long way when you open up your windows and let a fresh breeze fill your home. Morning time is a great opportunity for this! 
  • Spray down the outside of your windows on a day with good weather, and wipe down the inside of your windows, too. 
  • Go through cupboards and closets and find old or unused items to donate. It’s also a good practice to get out seasonal clothing and store items you may not use until winter. 
  • Dust and wipe down walls and baseboards. You can also touch up any marks, dents, nail holes, or scratches on your walls. 
  • Schedule carpet cleaning in Tarboro, North Carolina at least on an annual basis. Summer is a great reminder to have this done! 


Carpet Cleaning In Tarboro, North Carolina

Chem-Dry of Rocky Mount is here to be your source for all things deep cleaning—especially carpet cleaning in Tarboro, North Carolina

We look forward to serving you and helping you enjoy a cleaner, happier home! Learn more about what makes us one of the leading choices for carpet cleaning in Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Dortches, Red Oak, Nashville, and the surrounding areas by reading reviews from some of our most recent customers.

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