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Smart shoppers are always looking for the best value when it comes to products, services, and cost. Chem-Dry knocks it out of the park with all three as your leading local carpet cleaning company


What motivates everything we do is the desire to make homes and business healthier and happier. We deliver on that goal with our revolutionary carpet cleaning method that puts us a step above other local carpet cleaning companies throughout the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area. 


Here are just five of the unique advantages Chem-Dry brings to your home or business. 


#1 – Innovative Carpet Cleaning


Our cleaning services are cutting edge and the best in the business. In addition to being more effective in your home, our carpet cleaning method is also better for the local community. 


Chem-Dry Carbonated Cleaning uses 80% less moisture in the carpet cleaning process compared to our competitors and is non-toxic


#2 – Promote A Healthy Home


We do so much more than clean and remove stains from carpets. We also remove allergens so your home is a safer place to be.


#3 – Protect Carpets From Future Stains


In addition to leading the industry for carpet stain removal, we take it a step further with carpet stain protectant. This specially formulated product shields your carpet fibers so they can better repel liquid, dirt, and other stains. Our carpet cleaning method is also free from dirt-attracting, soapy residue.


#4 – Stick Within A Budget 


We’re committed to being transparent with customers from the beginning about the cost of our services, and to never overcharge for carpet cleaning. We also offer a variety of coupons to make our services even more affordable. 


#5 – Preserve And Protect The Environment 


We’re keenly aware and always mindful of the local environment, which is why we’re committed to cleaning methods that keep more water in our local lakes and streams instead of in your carpet. 


Local Carpet Cleaning Company In Rocky Mount, North Carolina 


Chem-Dry is a carpet cleaning company committed to keeping its promises. We look forward to serving you throughout Rocky Mount, NC! 


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